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Can't really catch a break with this damn thing, can I?! Faithful Beatle readers may have noticed that Rooftop Sessions is currently offline completely (meaning a ton of links in the BFFD are dead). Well, I've contacted Susan, owner of Rooftops, and she tells me that she plans on moving the site to a new home soon, so hopefully it won't be all lost. However, if that doesn't happen soon, I'll just have to replace all the old links with Wayback Machine links instead.

Meanwhile, some more 'old' stories are being added. And you can always visit me at Wattpad (here) too. Wattpad changed some things and now you need to be registered on WP to read, but join up - it's quick and free, and then you can leave comments and like stuff and that. (You have to be a member to read so WP can create the stats for stories).

Also enjoy my cheesy video of Donovan here (Well <-- There), from when he played my home town recently. This is Hurdy Gurdy Man with the verse written by our George. Pics are from Beatleweek earlier this year, except for the ones which ain't. Beatles are Hurdy Gurdy Men, they come singing songs of Love...

Got a story to list? Wanna get in touch? Email me - missodell18@yahoo.co.uk

Also, where the hell have all the fan fiction writers gone? Are you out there? Am I just talking to myself? Is there an echo in here...?

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Love Is Strange by Jonesingjay

During The Beatles first trip to the States, Ringo Starr connects with Charlie Tillman, a member of the black girl group The Debutantes and friends of The Beatles. What happens when two people who appear to have nothing in common have more in common than they thought possible?

Story 4 in the Debutantes Series, following The Nearest To My Heart and Words Of Love and taking place at the same time as Dearest.

Beatle: Ringo
Genre: Romance
Warnings: N/A
Status: In Progress


Blue Eyes by Anna Carolina Fagundes

A psychedelic nightmare. Somewhere in your mind, there's a thing that can make you go into guilty trips. That you might call nightmares. But what when you just don't know where you are stepping in?

Beatle: All Four
Genre: Fantasy
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


John's "bigger than Jesus" remarks get him into more trouble than he bargained for. But with the help of the American Crusaders, he just may get out of it....

Beatle: John
Genre: Drama
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


Black Magic Woman by Ms. Moonlight

Desire and obsession in this tale of a mysterious, beautiful woman who sets her sights on our boy.

Beatle: Paul
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Paul in Pain
Status: In Progress


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