The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory



What is Beatles Fan Fiction?

Beatles Fan Fiction are fictional stories written by Beatles fans, for Beatles fans, about The Beatles of course!


What is The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory?

This site, affectionately referred to as the BFFD is a directory ‐ or collection ‐ of as many Beatles fictional stories available to read on the internet. As well as fiction, the BFFD also includes poetry, essays, and any sort of Beatles related literary musings. The BFFD has been online since 2004 and has had, over 400 stories currently listed.

At Christmas 2014, my kind interwebs host decided to take down the BFFD and delete it all. I did have back‐ups of most of the files, but not the database itself. (Y'know, just the most important bit!) So 2015 is re‐building time. I will be doing this over the next few months, so be sure to check back when we're back at full strength!

The stories listed in the BFFD are works of fiction. As such, they should not be read as a factual accounts of events or as biography. While many characters of the story bear the names of actual people, they and their actions have been imagined by their respective authors and should be considered products of the imagination. The stories are fictional and the events did not happen. They are written for the purposes of entertainment only

For more info about Beatles Fan Fiction, please see the FAQ section.


Who is The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory?

The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory is built and maintained, and regularly neglected, by me! My name is Lindsey, a.k.a Miss O'Dell (that's my pen name). Yes I do write fan fics too, and you can find them listed here too. I live in Scarborough in the UK. I'm way too old to be writing band fan fiction, but Beatlemania is for life. I have a cat called Harry and I also write and edit (most of) Up&Atom magazine.


Why is The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory?

Because 'Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...' [John Lennon]


And BTW...

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