Story Submission Guidelines

How to fill in the fields of the form, and what they mean...


1. Your name or pen name:

Enter the name you want your story to be credited to. You can put your real name or a pen name. If you've written more than one story, it's a good idea to use the same name so your readers can find all your stories easily. Your 'pen name' can be anything you want, but please bear in mind that there are about a hundred people who call themselves things like 'Penny Lane', 'Jude McCartney' or 'Paula Lennon' so you might want to think of something a little more original!


2. Your Email Address:

Please enter your email, so I can contact you with any questions or problems, and so I can let you know when your story has been listed. Your email address will not be listed on the directory and will not be passed on to any third party.


3. Story Title:

The name of your story.


4. Link or URL:

The 'link' is the address of the page or website on the internet where your story starts, has it's introduction/contents page or is displayed. Please note: Your story needs to be publicly available to be read on the internet. If you story is private or 'friends only' then I won't be able to list it in the directory.

An exception for this is published books (either in print or e-book form). If you're published, please include the URL of your book's website, or where your book can be purchased or downloaded online.


5. Short Synopsis:

Include a short blurb to entice readers to your story (similar to what you would read on the back of a book). It can be difficult to summarize your story in a few words or a couple of sentences, but this is perhaps the most important part of your submission, as this is what will whet the appetite of your readers and urge them to click through to read your story. Try to enter an enticing and exciting story overview, without giving too much away!

A few examples of what to do and what not to do:

Example of a bad synopsis #1:
A story about John in 1964.

This is a bad synopsis as it does not tell the reader anything about the feel or tone of your story, or hint at anything exciting happening in the plot.

Example of a bad synopsis #2:
Laura travels back in time and meets the Beatles. She falls in love with Paul, but their romance is cut short when she has to return to the future, in order to save the universe.

This is a bad synopsis as it gives away all the plot points and twists, and even worse, the ending! There is nothing left for your reader to discover or be surprised by.

Example of a good synopsis:
Laura accidently stumbles upon a path back in time and meets the Beatles. She quickly falls for Paul, but will their romance survive, or will they have to sacrifice it for something more important?

This is a better synopsis, since it uses more interesting and exciting language and gives the reader a question they may want to find the answer to, revealing enough of the plot to intrigue a reader, but not too much of the narrative to spoil the story.

Please also note in this section anything important, for example, if your story is a crossover or slash story (and the pairing if applicable).


6. Starring Beatle:

Indicate who is the central or lead character - either John, Paul, George or Ringo or if all four Beatles are protagonists, choose 'All The Beatles equally'. If your story is mostly about say, two Beatles rather than all four, you can select 'Two or more' and type in which - eg. John and Paul. Which ever Beatle you put first will be the 'main' Beatle your story is listed under, it will also be listed under your 'second' Beatle in the 'search by Beatle' pages. ie. If you put 'John and Paul', your story will say 'Starring: John' but will also be listed under 'Paul Stories' too.


7. Genre:

What genre is your story? Often, your story may fit in more than one. If this is the case, select which one you feel it most fits. We currently have pages for:

  • Actuality - Fictional accounts of actual events, essays or dramas based on real events.
  • Alternative History - An alternative account of actual events - 'what if...' stories.
  • Comedy - Funny stories.
  • Drama - Melodrama, thrillers, suspense stories and more.
  • Fantasy - Fantastically surreal and imaginative stories.
  • Horror - Scary stories and stories with dark themes.
  • Poetry - Beatle Poems and Verse.
  • Romance - Easily our biggest genre! From sweet romantic stories through to Beatle erotica!
  • Sci-Fi - Science Fiction stories.
  • Slash - Beatles slash stories. If you're not sure what slash is, please check our FAQ for info.
  • Supernatural - Supernatural, life after death and ghost stories.

If your story doesn't fit into any of these genres, you can choose 'Other' and specify what genre your story is.


8. Setting and Era:

This is the timeframe your story is set in. We also have a category for 'epics' for stories which span years! If your story isn't set in a particular era please select 'Other' and give details of when it's set or put N/A if there is no particular time or space setting.

We currently have categories for the following:

  • Hamburg and before they were famous - Pre-fame Liverpool, Hamburg Days and earlier, including stories where The Beatles were children.
  • Early Sixties - Approximately 1958 - 1964, the golden days of Beatlemania!
  • Mid Sixties - Approximately 1965 - 1967, Help through to Sgt Peppers. The heady days of the Sixties!
  • Late Sixties - Approximately 1968 - 1972, The Apple Era, the break up and the start of the Seventies.
  • Post Beatles and Solo Years - Everything set after the break up, including Beatles solo careers up to the present day.
  • Epics - Stories which span across the decades and serial stories set over a long period of time.
  • Other - Tell me when/where it's set or put N/A.


9. Warnings:

You do not have to rate or place any warning on your story, unless you want to. However, bear in mind it may and will be visited by Beatle fans of all ages and backgrounds and some readers may be offended by some types of content. It is up to you whether you want to warn your readers of any sexual or violent content, issues such as drug use or any profanity, but I would ask that you DO include a warning if your story contains any subject matter sensitive to Beatle fans, ie. the death of a Beatle, etc, and also if your story contains graphic slash or 'Paul in Pain' (Hurt/Comfort) themes. If you don't want to include a warning, please put 'N/A' here.


10. Status:

Please state whether the story is complete, in progress or in the case of published books/stories which can be either purchased in print or in e-book (PDF) form, please state 'Published (as book or e-book)'. If it is published, please include the URL/Link of where your book can be purchased or downloaded, or your books website, in the 'URL/Link' field at the start.


11. Got anything else to say?

You can use this box to enter anything else you might want to add or note. Or just anything you want to say to me!


12. Last bit - anti spam!

Unsurprisingly, I get tons of spam, so this form now has this little anti-spam thing. Enter the number in the box then click submit. If you have any problems, please let me know via the contact page.


...Then click 'Submit' and you're done!